Artist Statement


In my artwork, I like to use either acrylic or watercolor, and then add in either pen or sharpie to give it a more graphic style. I recently began combining acrylic with sharpie to create artwork that looks illustrative. I think the bold colors of the acrylic combined with the black ink works well in the pieces I created. I also like using pen with watercolors to combine a bolder black with softer pastel colors. My own style is an abstract style, since I like to make my artwork more along an imaginative theme rather than a realistic one. I love to be able to focus on creating artwork that reflects me and my own style.

For my series, I created three pieces that take place in a japanese garden, created with a geometric, mosaic style made out of triangles. I wanted my series to use the same style for all three pieces, and look like they are all in the same setting so they are connected. I also tried to use similar colors in all of the pieces to also make them connected. I decided to use acrylic as my choice of medium, and also sharpie to make the series look more illustrative.

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